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Striking Image Answers Your Questions About Painting Antique Bathtubs

September 23, 2013


Looking to improve the appearance of your home? Over time, antique bathtubs may lose their luster. The porcelain can become stained, cracked, or chipped. In some cases, these issues are more then aesthetic and can actually threaten the structural integrity of your antique bathtub. Fortunately, at Striking Image, we have the tools and knowledge necessary to completely restore the surface of your bathtub. In today’s blog, your Trophy Club TX porcelain expert, Mr. Chris Duty, answers a few common questions people often ask regarding painting and refinishing antique bathtubs.

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Learn the History of Antique Bathtubs from Striking Image

August 12, 2013

bathtubWhat do you know about the transition from antique bathtubs to modern-day ones? Most people don’t know anything about bathtub history. However, Mr. Chris Duty from Striking Image, shares his knowledge of the history and journey of bathtubs in the following blog post.

When Did the Use of Bathtubs Begin?

The earliest plumbing systems date back to roughly 3300 BC; a five foot long tub—made completely from pottery—was discovered from this era. It’s been speculated that the beloved claw-foot tubs from the 19th Century were inspired from the ones in the BC period.

Later on around 500 BC, the Roman Empire used tubs for daily baths. Throughout Rome, the remaining baths have been placed on display for viewing purposes only. This allows visitors to understand the history of these bathing places. From then until the turn of the 19th Century, persons made makeshift tubs from any carved-out vessel. Some even used barrels to complete their baths.

The era of Queen Elizabeth I brought out what most people consider the more modern looking bathtub. Though from today’s standpoint these seem like antique bathtubs, at the time, these were the most modernized versions of tubs available. It wasn’t until 1883 that Kohler began to mass-produce cast-iron bathtubs—more than 80 years after their introduction in 1800. While materials and styles may have changed, the journey of the modern-day tub was long, yet interesting one.

Ensuring Your Tub Retains Its Beauty for Many Years

In order to maintain a beautiful looking tub for many years to come, you must take care to avoid pools of water to accumulate in hard-to-dry areas. Furthermore, don’t place bar soaps or abrasives upon the surface as this could leave stains or scratch the tub. In general, this advice serves well in prolonging and persevering the life of your bathtub.

Contact Striking Image Today for a Bathtub Repair Quote

For customers with antique bathtubs (or other types of tubs) that require a repair, talk Mr. Chris Duty from Striking Image in Grapevine, TX. He can evaluate the state of your tub and give you a quote for any necessary repairs or restorations. For questions or concerns, call us at (940) 395-1406. Also, visit our website to see the pricing list, photo gallery, and read testimonials from real customers. We proudly server customers in Southlake, Keller, Coppell, Euless, Bedford, Colleyville, and surrounding cities.


Set Off Your Bathroom by Refinishing an Antique Bathtub

March 4, 2013

antique tubDo you have a vision of your perfect bathroom? How would it look with a beautiful antique tub? “Great,” you would probably answer, “if the tub didn’t show its years.” If only there were a way to make it look like new again. Then you could have the bathroom of your dreams. Well, your dreams are about to come true. Porcelain refinishing can restore tubs, even old and worn tubs that have been through long and arduous campaigns, and restore them to a like-new appearance. What better way to set off your bathroom? Your Grapevine bathtub refinishing expert, Chris Duty, explains the porcelain refinishing process for taking an antique tub from a lump of coal to a shiny diamond. Read the rest of this entry ?


Porcelain Perfectionism

August 4, 2011

With all the shows now about refurbishing, restoring, and remodeling, we’re waiting for our phone to ring. The day that a television show producer decides to green arrow a project like Flip that Porcelain, or Porcelain Hunters, or even Pimp My Porcelain, Striking Image Porcelain Refinishing will be who he calls. Based in Roanoke, Texas, we provide the DFW metroplex with porcelain rehabilitation.

We can’t help you with ghosts, because we’re not ghostbusters. However, we can help with the damage control if your malicious ghost tore up the beautiful porcelain in the bathroom. We just hope for your sake that you weren’t using the bathroom at the time.

antique 1924 farm sink prior to restoration

Now perhaps your only ghost is the ghost of an antique sink or tub that currently is only partial remnants of its original beauty. Without changing any of your antique’s best and beginning integrity, we reincarnate your porcelain piece to a good-as-new condition. Whether you purchased your item at a garage sale in a steal of a deal, or you just need some repairs on your modern bathroom essentials, Striking Image Porcelain Refinishing will awaken the prestige of your porcelain.

after restoration by Striking Image

A bathroom’s floor plan, its walls, and even its overall theme look better when the fine details of porcelain nicks and chips are vanquished.  The process of blending is an art form requiring experience and perfectionism. Lead by Chris Duty, we’ve made this refinishing our specialty, and modestly await the telephone call that begs us to make our practice the latest and hottest TV show. We will agree to do the show only if we can name it. Not so fast. Chris might let you know the title of the show only in person, if you’re lucky.

Let Striking Image Porcelain Refinishing in Roanoke, Texas take care of your bathtub and sink refinishing needs. Call us for free estimates 940-395-1406.


Antique Porcelain Shines Like New

May 5, 2011

Some people find rare treasures at garage sales, estate sales, and even thrift stores. At times, you may find an antique bathtub or sink that would completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. However, your new find doesn’t looking so new.  What can you do to get that antique back to pristine condition?

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Your best solution is to call me, Chris Duty, owner and operator of Striking Image Porcelain Refinishing. For years, I have refinished bathtubs, sinks, and showers.  I take great pride in refurbishing antique tubs and sinks. It is exciting to see a once-valued treasure restored to its former beauty – clean, white, and a true centerpiece to your bathroom or kitchen.

In this photo gallery, you will see antique tubs and sinks that found new life. If you have found an antique tub or sink and would like it restored, contact me at (940)395-1406, or email for a free estimate. I proudly serve homeowners, builders, realtors, and interior designers in Roanoke, Westlake, Southlake, Justin, Argyle, Keller, Grapevine, and surrounding areas. I provide a limited warranty on my work and will be happy to provide professional references upon request.


Photo Gallery

April 20, 2011

One of the most satisfying things for me as porcelain refinisher is to see before-and-after pictures of recent work. I’m Chris Duty, owner of Striking Image Porcelain Refinishing, and I take a great deal of pride in my work. I have been refinishing bathtubs, sinks, and showers for years. I have saved my customers money and hours of aggravation with porcelain refinishing.

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I am happy to share my photo gallery with you, so you can envision how your bathroom or kitchen can look.  If you are in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and need refinishing or minor remodeling, call me at (940)395-1406 or email for a free estimate. My work comes with a limited warranty. I provide services to homeowners, realtors, interior designers, and builders in Southlake, Roanoke, Westlake, Grapevine, Euless, Bedford, Hurst, and surrounding areas. Call me for your refinishing project!


Protect Your Belongings During Refinishing

April 13, 2011

As with any home improvement project, prep work is necessary to ensure your belongings aren’t harmed. I’m Chris Duty of Striking Image Porcelain Refinishing, and I recommend that my clients remove all personal belongings from the room in which a fixture is being refinished.

While I am refinishing your tub, sink or countertops, I will open windows and use filtered fans to help eliminate the odor from the process. I will line the walls, cabinets, and floors with a static paper that attracts overspray. The filtered fans also draw out overspray. These methods work, so not only will you have a beautifully restored fixture, you won’t even know that I was there.

I advise my clients that a refinished surface need to 48 hours to fully harden.

Upon completion of the project, I will give you instructions for care and cleaning of your refinished sink, tub, or countertop. By following my instructions and avoiding abrasive cleaners, you can enjoy your refinished surface for 10 to 20 years or longer. Refinished surfaces, like porcelain, can chip if you drop something heavy on them, but I also offer chip repair services. Read the rest of this entry ?


More Antique Bathtub Restorations… It’s Like an Antique Makeover Show!

September 7, 2010

Chris loves refurbishing cast iron bathtubs, bringing new life to bathtub that has been around longer than his grandfather is very rewarding. Cast iron tubs are very popular in new homes, as well as in old restored homes. Once refinished to a bright, white shine, an antique bathtub becomes the centerpiece of a bathroom. Here’s an example of what Chris did for an antique tub in the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex.

Call Striking Image Porcelain Refinishing today, whether you have a newer bathtub that needs refinishing or an heirloom tub you’d like restored.


Antique Tub Refinishing in Dallas Fort Worth

July 22, 2010

Do you have an antique bathtub that needs a facelift? Striking Image Porcelain Refinishing can dress your tub with new life! In these photos, you can see the amazing transformation–from dingy old horse trough to sparkling, fresh antique tub. Call today at 940-395-1406 to get a free quote or to schedule drop off and pick up with Chris.

In one week, you can enjoy basking in your one-of-a-kind antique bathtub!


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